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Sticky Fingers Announce New Album, ‘Lekkerboy’

Sticky Fingers shared the news of their new album by way of a video featuring cover star, and Sydney icon, Danny Lim.


Just a matter of weeks since the release of singles such as “Lekkerboy”, “Multiple Facets of The Same Diamond”, and “Love Song”, Sticky Fingers have officially announced their forthcoming album, Lekkerboy.

Set for release on April 20th after being teased earlier in the year, Lekkerboy is set to serve as Sticky Fingers’ fifth studio album, following on from the arrival of Yours to Keep back in February of 2019.

The record was formally announced this morning via YouTube in a video with Sydney icon Danny Lim, whose face adorns the cover of the forthcoming record.

“Sometimes there’s people on this earth that shine their light in a different shade,” the group wrote on Facebook. “Danny Lim is a guerrilla protester, a beaming Inner-west icon, a person for the bloody people. And he does it Every. Fucken. Day without getting paid. Bless you mate. We couldn’t think of a better spiritual soul that encompasses our thoughts.”

In a story shared alongside the release of the record’s title track back in January, Sticky Fingers explained that the album was originally titled We Can Make the World Glow, in keeping with 2021 single of the same name.

Changing the title to Lekkerboy, the moniker now pays tribute to the Dutch phrase of the same name, and the word that is emblazoned across the stomach of vocalist Dylan Frost.

“‘Lekker’ is Dutch for ‘tasty’,” the group explained. “When you find yourself in the Netherlands you hear it a lot. It’s equivalent to saying ‘ye cool’ or ‘sssiiiicccckkk’. . . ‘llleeeekkkeeerrrr’.”

Lekkerboy is set to be released in April, with pre-orders for the record available now. As per the request of Lim, a portion of net proceeds will be donated to the NSW Nurse and Midwives Association and Australian Paramedics Association NSW.

Sticky Fingers’ Lekkerboy is set for release on April 20th, with pre-orders available now.