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‘Spicks and Specks’ to Return with New Season Next Month

Musical guests on the new season of Spicks and Specks include the likes of The Teskey Brothers, Alice Skye, G Flip, and more.

Image of Spicks and Specks

Beloved TV quiz show 'Spicks and Specks' will return to our screens on April 18th.


Beloved Australian musical quiz show Spicks and Specks is set to make a return next month, with a run of ten episodes set to begin on April 18th.

In a statement given today, host Adam Hills reveals that the upcoming episodes were filmed during 2020, giving the iconic team something to do during a year on hold. “Some people made banana bread in lockdown, we made a new series of Spicks and Specks,” he joked.

“Not only did it give us all an excuse to get out of the house, it gave us a chance to showcase a new breed of Australian musicians and comedians, while also catching up with some old favourites,” he added. “I’m so proud of the shows we made last year, and I can’t wait for the rest of Australia to see them.”

First airing in January of 2005, Spicks and Specks ran for close to seven years, with Hills and team captains Alan Brough and Myf Warhurst serving as the mainstays across the musical quiz show’s run.

A beloved staple of the ABC for many viewers, the show’s 2011 end was met with such great disappointment from fans that a reboot was attempted in 2014, before being swiftly canned due to a widespread negative reaction.

Since then, the old gang has gotten back together from time to time, including a 2018 reunion, and a series of specials which were rolled out throughout 2020.

In April of 2020, Hills appeared on The Green Room with Neil Griffiths podcast, hinting that there may be a new season of the show recorded at some point, but that it would likely be far shorter than the regular run of 40 that the team were used to.

“I don’t think we’d ever do 40 again. I think that just would take up too much time,” Hills explained.

“There was talk of doing a series of ten at some point this year, but then I had to juggle that around The Last Leg and the Paralympics,” he added. “And now, the Paralympics have been cancelled as well, or postponed, so there’s definitely a possibility [of more Spicks & Specks episodes].”

The new series is set to premiere on the ABC on April 18th, with ten episodes being broadcast over as many weeks. Musical guests confirmed to appear on the new season so far include the likes of The Teskey Brothers, Alice Skye, G Flip, Vika and Linda, and Missy Higgins, while comedians such as Anne Edmonds, Nazeem Hussain, Luke McGregor, Dave O’Neil, and Denise Scott will also appear.