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Song You Need to Know: Wild Rivers, ‘Thinking ‘Bout Love (feat. Wrabel)’

Originally released on an EP in 2020, Canada’s Wild Rivers recruit American musician Wrabel for a new take on the beloved track.

Image of Wild Rivers and Wrabel

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Two genius musical minds have collaborated for a powerful release, with Wild Rivers recruiting Wrabel for a newly-released rendition of their beloved song, “Thinking ‘Bout Love”.

Originally released back in 2020 on their Songs to Break Up To EP, “Thinking ‘Bout Love” soon became the most popular song for Canadian folk-rock outfit Wild Rivers, currently boasting over 40 million streams on Spotify alone.

A heartfelt track that has clearly resonated with countless listeners, it’s now been given a fresh update, with the group recruiting US musician Wrabel for a new version of the song.

Released last week, the new version sees Wild Rivers and Wrabel bringing their own unique musical talents into the track, and turning the more melancholic original into a more celebratory one.

“We have been fans of Wrabel as an artist and a songwriter for a long time, and are thrilled to have him be a part of ‘Thinking ‘Bout Love’,” explained Wild Rivers’ Devan Glover. “He brought his own artistry and voice which instantly added another layer to the song.

“It was a really fun process to start from scratch and completely reimagine the song in the room with him and our producer Stint. The song and lyrics immediately took on a different mood; one that captured the melancholy side of lyrics, but still felt celebratory.”

“It was such a pleasure getting to work with Wild Rivers,” added Wrabel. “They’re not only so talented but so so kind. It’s rare for me to jump on a song that I wasn’t a part of from conception, but the first time I heard this one I wish I’d written it.

“It’s just such a beautiful song with so much heart in it. Getting to share time with them and Stint to work this up was so inspiring and I’m very proud of what we did.”

Though it remains to be seen whether we’ll be seeing more collaborations from Wrabel and Wild Rivers in the future, it’s clear that the two artists have struck gold with this recent classic.

Wild Rivers and Wrabel’s “Thinking ‘Bout Love” is out now.