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Song You Need to Know: Wild Rivers, ‘Stubborn Heart’

Featuring on the Canadian trio’s newly-released Sidelines album, “Stubborn Heart” is self-described as Wild Rivers’ “fun ’60s / ’70s California jam-y song”.

Samuel Kojo*

Canadian indie-folk trio Wild Rivers have complemented the release of their second album, Sidelines, with the arrival of their latest single, “Stubborn Heart”.

Having first formed in Toronto in 2015, it didn’t take long for Wild Rivers to kick their musical career into gear, sharing their self-titled debut the following year. While a pair of EPs would continue their momentum in the years afterwards, it’s taken them a little while to return with their long-awaited second album.

Formally releasing Sidelines on Friday, it’s a powerful collection of tunes that showcases the sort of talent that the trio possess, ranging from their lyrical prowess, compositional skills, and the ability to ensure that a sense of fun and camaraderie is felt throughout each one of the tracks.

With Devan Glover describing the track as their “fun ’60s / ’70s California jam-y song” in a conversation with American Songwriter, and the band reflecting on it as their “light-hearted attempt at poking fun at naivety and young love”, the single also comes accompanied by a music video which captures the behind-the-scenes life that Wild Rivers are experiencing.

Ranging from life on the road, to playing live shows, and the sort of fun and frivolity that comes along with it, both “Stubborn Heart” and its video show a softer side to the band, and one that welcomes fans – new and old – into the world that they have masterfully created.

Wild Rivers’ “Stubborn Heart” is out now, and features on their newly-released album, Sidelines, which is available now.