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Song You Need to Know: What So Not, ‘The Change (feat. DMA’S)’

A collaboration between two of Australia’s biggest artists, “The Change” is a soaring piece of indie-tinged electronica.


Two of Australia’s biggest names have come together for one of the year’s most exciting and unexpected tracks, with “The Change” showcasing the combined talents of What So Not and DMA’S.

Released this morning, “The Change” sees the two acts coming together to mix in the stadium-ready electronic sound of What So Not with DMA’S’ infectious, soaring indie-rock. Having been played at recent What So Not shows already, the official release is a welcome one for fans of both acts, and the artists themselves.

“Emoh [Chris Emerson, What So Not] and I had never met before the day of our first session but quickly bonded over synths, production gear, The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy and Underworld,” explains DMA’S’ Johnny Took. “Being from such different songwriting worlds really made this a great collaboration for me.

“Once we got Tommy [O’Dell] and [Matt] Mason on the track after that first day of writing we knew we were onto something special and new for both of us.”

“I met Johnny at their studio – a small room next to a noisy inner-city road, above a pub, with no sound insulation,” adds What So Not. “We had (somehow) never met but clicked instantly, discussing life on the road, COVID & found commonality on our all-time favourite artists.

“The first thing we made is pretty much the track you hear. Johnny liked our little idea so much he decided to get the whole band involved a couple of days later we tracked Tommy & brought Mason in for some extra pieces. I feel like this record is one the two of us have always wanted to make but never had the right pieces of the puzzle, until now.”

A soaring piece of indie-tinged electronica, “The Change” is officially released today, while a music video to accompany the track will premiere via YouTube at 8am on Thursday, April 29th.

What So Not and DMA’S’ “The Change” is officially out now via Sweat It Out.