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Song You Need to Know: Wanderers, ‘Molly’

Releasing their self-titled EP today, following two years of cancelled plans and disappointment, Adelaide’s Wanderers have come out on top.

Image of Wanderers

Samuel Graves*

It’s been a long time coming, but as 2022 firmly takes hold, Adelaide’s Wanderers have unveiled their long-awaited self-titled EP – a release that’s been years in the making.

Featuring five tracks of the blissfully soulful and rich guitar-driven music that representative of the musical collaboration between bandmates Dusty Lee Stephensen, Matt Birkin, and their cast of long-term collaborators and live band, the Wanderers EP might sound effortless, though it’s not without plenty of difficulties along the way.

As the band explains, the advent of a global pandemic caused plenty of disruption to their plans, but even more than most people would understand. Gearing up to record an album in Los Angeles at the Foo Fighters’ Studio 606, it seemed like the pieces were ready to fall into place for the group. Then… well, we all know the story.

“We put those plans on ice, and focused on this EP, capturing some of our most loved tracks from touring and you can see the touches of that plan in the artwork and songs,” the pair explains. “We threw ourselves into recording at a collection of our favourite Adelaide studios – Wildflower, Wundenbergs, The Orchard; so we’re excited to have this one out, and gearing up to get on the road and share it with the world.”

What we hear today is a testament to their musicianship, tenacity, and approach to their craft, with tracks like “Make It On My Own” and “Penny” giving fans new and old a taste of just what it is that makes a Wanderers song tick. However, it’s new single “Molly” that stands tall amongst its counterparts, and arguably one of the tracks that means the most to the band.

“‘Molly’’ was conceptualised on a whirlwind trip to Lorne, a beach side town south of Melbourne, that hosts one of the biggest NYE music festivals in the country,” explains Stephensen. “I got myself into a jam where I had to complete a gig in Adelaide at 1am on New Years Eve and perform in Lorne at midday, less than 12 hours later. (see: ‘yes man’ in the dictionary)

“Leaving myself no other option, I finished my new years performance, jumped straight in the car and drove the 9 hours non-stop to Lorne, drinking more frozen ice coffee and energy drinks than the average person might drink in a week along the way. I made it, performed the gig, crashed in a hot tent for half an hour, and woke up at the most bad-ass festival in the country, feeling like a little less than a shell of a human.

“I remember thinking that this would be a terrible time to meet the girl of my dreams,” he concludes. “If we struck up a conversation, started getting to know each other, I would have to abort at some point, I could feel my time was running out.”

With their new EP out in the world today, Wanderers are on track to make up for lost time this year. With a trip to Austin, Texas on the cards for an appearance at this year’s SXSW festival, the group will also embark upon a four-date tour of the country this April and May, with details available below.

Wanderers’ “Molly” is out today, while their self-titled EP is also available today, with physical copies available for pre-order.

Wanderers Australian Tour Dates

Friday, April 1st
The Night Cat, Melbourne, VIC

Friday, April 29th
Felons Barrel Hall, Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, April 30th
Waywards, Sydney, NSW

Friday, May 27th
Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide, SA

Tickets on sale now