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Song You Need to Know: Timothy Wolf, ‘Down’

Another stunning taste of the forthcoming album from Timothy Wolf, “Down” was born out of sadness and emerges as a “charging party anthem”.

Image of Timothy Wolf

Melbourne musician Timothy Wolf has unveiled another taste of his forthcoming record.


2021 has undoubtedly been a year of ups and downs for Timothy Wolf, but as he gears up to unleash his forthcoming album, he’s given fans a taste of what’s to come by way of new single, “Down”.

Bursting into the year with the release of “In Your Arms Again” in early January, Wolf has been maintaining a rather prolific output this year, offering up stunning tracks by way of “Boogie” and last month’s “Our Tomorrow”. A seasoned and accomplished performer, it’s difficult to listen to his work without being swept up into his eclectic and soulful world, with each and every note being played as if it might very well be the last.

Now, this sort of musical dedication is showcased once again on new single “Down”, which officially arrives later this week.

A slow-burning track whose origins lie within a slow country ballad from back in 2018, wolf explains that it originally emerged out of the struggle he experienced in navigating his own mental health and feeling disconnected within his relationships.

Before long, this therapeutic track was brought to his band The Howlers, with guitarist James Di Fabrizio added a “chromatic lead line” which turned the song into an anthem of resilience.

“Whilst this song explores a malevolent flight response, it now serves as a charging party anthem,” Wolf explains. “At gigs I invite people to scream out this chromatic chant and this live exchange always reminds me of the coming together of people. As a show, of us as a band and of my musical journey.

“It has brought me to the place of healing the song originally explored,” he continues. “However objectively speaking, ’Down’ is much better described as a night out at a bar. You’ve had maybe one too many pints and now someone has brought Jägerbomb to the table. You know you shouldn’t, but you’re in need of blowing off some steam, tomorrow doesn’t exist and tonight you’re going down…”

Exuberant and cathartic, and featuring the stunning soulful voice of Wolf at its forefront, “Down” is considered the “connective tissue that pulls together” his upcoming album, which arrives next month.

With new music out in the world this week, and a new album arriving soon, Wolf is also set to play a headline show at Melbourne’s Corner Hotel on November 12th. Undoubtedly, it’s a welcome return to the live stage for an artist whose spiritual home is before crowds.

“It’s been a crazy couple of years, full of ups and downs,” he explains.”Years that feels lost for so many in the music industry… to release this album, catalogue this time and top it off with the gig I’ve dreamed of for half of my life will be a feat I’ll never forget.”

With that in mind though, Wolf is looking to the future with the positivity that is much-needed following a few years such as what we’ve experienced.

“Lockdown has meant ample time for songwriting,” he concludes. “There are no shortage of songs sitting on my shelf I can’t wait to get out into the world. But first and foremost, I’m so excited to see a music revival through the streets and venues of Melbourne. I’m dying to be part of that.”

Timothy Wolf’s “Down” is released on Friday, September 17th.

Timothy Wolf + The Howlers Album Launch

With special guests Steph Strings & Riley Catherall

Friday, November 12th
The Corner Hotel, Melbourne, VIC
Tickets: Oztix