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Song You Need to Know: Thomas Keating, ‘Lunatic’

Returning with his first new single in a year, Thomas Keating has unveiled a track which asks poignant questions in the midst of the times we live in.

Image of Thomas Keating


Returning with his first new single in close to a year, Sydney-based singer/songwriter Thomas Keating has unveiled his endearing new single, “Lunatic” ahead of its official release this week.

Described as a contemplation on the difficulties of trying to see the world from an opposing viewpoint, such a heady topic is delivered in such a sweet and intimate manner that it’s almost easy to overlook the serious meaning behind such a track.

A pop-influenced indie-rock track, “Lunatic” sees Keating teaming up with Dorny Mayes (Gordi, Birds of Tokyo) on production and engineering duties to craft a track which is lyric-heavy, yet sincere with a little bit of sarcasm at play. Needless to say, when Keating’s vocal melodies begin to flow, it’s impossible to ignore his musical charisma.

“This song is about my confusion at the state of the whole world right now,” Keating explains in a statement. “I do have some pretty strong views on different aspects of society and politics, and I view people who don’t share my opinions as a bit mad sometimes. But I have also come to the realisation that they probably think I am mad.  So who is the ‘lunatic’ then?”

It’s a poignant question, and undoubtedly one that many of us have found ourselves thinking at some point in recent years.

With “Lunatic” officially released into the world this Friday, it’s undeniably a bittersweet moment for Keating, whose new music is being unveiled without any immediate plans to tour. Despite this, the wheels are in moth for a return next year – something he admits he’s immensely looking forward to.

“It’s so exciting to release a new song, especially after the last 18 months we’ve been through,” he admits. “It’s also a little nerve wracking, as it’s a strange time to be releasing music!”

Thomas Keating’s “Lunatic” is released on Friday, October 29th.