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Song You Need to Know: Swimwear, ‘Happyness’

Inspired by Richard Yates’ Revolutionary Road, Swimwear is set to release debut album Night Air this year, with “Happyness” serving as its lead single.

Image of Tim Derricourt of Swimwear

Swimwear's Tim Derricourt has shared "Happyness", the first taste of debut album 'Night Air'.


Almost a decade on from the debut of Swimwear, Tim Derricourt is gearing up to release the project’s first full-length record, sharing new single “Happyness” today.

Having spent years as a constant figure of the Aussie music scene thanks to his role as a founding member of Sydney indie-rock outfit Dappled Cities, Derricourt launched his solo project after being inspired by the likes of Toro Y Moi and Washed out at the influential SXSW festival and the way in which they created immersive, psychedelic dance music.

Before long, this inspiration manifested itself as Swimwear, a project which released a trio of EPs between 2012 and 2016. Now, following a couple of years away, Derricourt has returned with “Happyness”, the first track of Swimwear’s forthcoming debut album, Night Air.

Inspired by Richard Yates’ 1962 novel Revolutionary Road and its associated imagery of suburban isolation and burnt out love, Night Air serves as a concept album which follows a relationship from its explosive start to its eventual disintegration, exploring feelings of isolation and a world beckoning beyond.

As Derricourt explains:

While Night Air is set to be released across four chapters, its opening track is first single “Happyness”. An atmospheric, pop-infused number which showcases the introspective side to Swimwear, it draws on influences such as The Blue Nile, Majical Cloudz, and Brian Eno, while utilising unique vocals samples to help capture feelings of late-night isolation and uncertainty.

“‘Happyness’ is both the first single and first chapter of my debut record Night Air, the origin point of a tale of burning love and love burnt out,” Derricourt explains. “The song is a story of a night out, in the warm summer air and the ground humming beneath his feet, when anything and everything is possible.”

Written, recorded, and produced by Derricourt, and featuring the recording and mixing talents of Luke Bertoz, “Happyness” is officially set for release on Thursday, September 24th, while Night Air is set to be released some time in the coming months.

If its lead single is anything to go by, the conceptual entity that is Night Air is undoubtedly on track to become one of the most immersive and intriguing releases shared this year.

Swimear’s “Happyness” is officially released on Thursday, September 24th, while details surrounding the release of Night Air will be announced in the near future.