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Song You Need to Know: Sarah Wolfe, ‘Killing Time’

An anthemic ode to the insecurities and anxieties we all face, Sarah Wolfe’s new single is as relatable as it is catchy.

Sarah Wolfe*

Sydney alt-pop artist Sarah Wolfe has returned with her first new single of 2021, unveiling the “fizzy new anthem” that is “Killing Time”.

Sarah’s first new track since the instant classic that was last year’s “I’ll Never Be Happy Again”, “Killing Time” features the classic pop-punk energy that the artist is known for, filtered through a lens of catchy, poppy hooks and huge choruses.

Lyric-wise, the track focuses heavily on Sarah’s own insecurities, and the heavy burdens that anxieties place upon all of us – especially in a year such as this. “I’m not living, I’m just killing time,” Sarah admits in the track, providing a far too relatable line that many listeners will see themselves in.

“It’s very much about social anxiety: that everyone secretly hates you, no one wants to spend time with you, and all the pressure that swirls around your mind when you’re with a group of people,” Sarah explains. “I really wanted to encapsulate the fear that you’re not living up to your full potential because you have so much anxiety holding you back.

“I know I’m not alone in these fears, so I want this track to remind the listener that their feelings are valid and they aren’t alone in the world.”

Written in just two hours alongside producer Xavier Dunn and songwriter Demi Louise, “Killing Time” also comes accompanied by a self-directed video which was shot by Sarah and Dunn during Sydney’s lockdown.

The arrival of “Killing Time” also coincides with Sarah’s signing to Cooking Vinyl Australia, which was undoubtedly influenced by her unfaltering DIY ethos and style.

“Late last year I was working in my office, with triple j Unearthed playing, and it was one of those classic moments where a song stops you in your tracks,” explains Cooking Vinyl Co-Managing Director Stu Harvey. “Sarah’s single ‘I’ll Never Be Happy Again’ hooked me; I loved the smart, fun lyrics, the production and the attitude.

“I went into a rabbit hole listening and reading everything I could, before reaching out to her. We talked for ages – she told me about her music and vision, then she sent some demos, and I knew when I woke up the next day still humming the hook, that we had to sign Sarah Wolfe to Cooking Vinyl Australia.”

Sarah Sarah’s “Killing Time” is out now via Cooking Vinyl Australia.