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Song You Need to Know: Sarah Mary Chadwick, ‘Let’s Fight’

Released on her sixth album, Please, Daddy, the track and its accompanying video is some of the finest work from Sarah Mary Chadwick to date.

Xi Cao*

New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based Sarah Mary Chadwick has continued an already-stellar year, releasing the official music video for “Let’s Fight” this week.

Originally appearing on her sixth studio album, Please Daddy, back in January, the stellar track marks the halfway point of a record that received widespread critical acclaim across the board.

In a recent post on Facebook, Chadwick noted that the track’s origins lay in a time “when I was so fucked up I just wanted to fight until someone cried, somehow to feel better.” With lyrics that relate to the titular call for conflict, its outward sheen is as upbeat and jangly as ever, and easily serves as one of Chadwick’s finest tunes to date thanks to its almost intoxicating nature.

Now, the accompanying film clip for the track has arrived, with SPOD’s Brent Griffin directing the sun-drenched visuals for the track, which were captured in Tasmania, just prior to the arrival of the global pandemic that has sadly overshadowed the majority of 2020.

“Tim the drummer insists I can’t play this song live but he’s tripping ’cause I invented it,” Chadwick explained of the track and its video. “Shot over a dream weekend w people I love. Life’s hard and it’s easy to fight but it’s the best thing in my life to me when you grab the joy that you can.”

With nostalgic effects and hazy editing at play on the clip, “Let’s Fight” continues in the same vein as previous clips from Sarah Mary Chadwick, thanks in part to the constant presence of Griffin behind the camera.

While 2020 was likely planned with a lot more on the cards for Chadwick, the year has still resulted in a number of highlights for the acclaimed artist, with a collection of demo versions – aptly titled Please Daddy, The Demos – also being released back in April.

Sarah Mary Chadwick’s “Let’s Fight” is available on her album Please, Daddy, which was released in January via Rice Is Nice Records.