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Song You Need to Know: Ruby Humberstone, ‘Loose Change’

It’s been a few years between drinks for Ruby Humberstone, but “Loose Change” is a stellar return for the acclaimed artist.


It’s been a couple of years since fans last heard from the great Ruby Humberstone, but with the release of new single “Loose Change”, it’s clear that it’s been worth the wait.

It was in 2019 that Humberstone made her mark on the world, unveiling her debut single “Two Lost Souls” in April of that year. Since then, a lot has changed in the world, but it’s clear that Ruby’s hunger and musical tenacity hasn’t wavered even slightly, with her latest single arriving late in March.

Recording in the home studio of producer and close friend Toby Anagnostis (otherwise known as Butter Bath), the pair worked hard to create something of a musical paradox, pairing shimmering, reverberating guitar, floating lyrics, and roomy drums with moody, reflective lyrics.

“‘Loose Change’ became a ‘light bulb moment’ of clarity and a conscious decision to emerge from the chrysalis that was tired-eyed and self-destructive,” Humberstone explains. “Reflecting on this song a few years later I see it was almost a call out for someone to pull me away from the heat that I was running towards, ‘I’m getting closer to the sun, stop the burning‘, speaks directly to this.”

Ultimately though, “Loose Change” is a truly gorgeous track which captures the raw power and talent of Humberstone and pairs it with sentimental instrumentation that allows the listener to ruminate on the beauty that sits before them, breathing in every emotion as it unfurls gracefully.

It might have been a long time to wait for another stellar track from Humberstone, but the good news is that we won’t have to be waiting quite as long for more material. In fact, with a debut EP being recorded with Budo Miller and Toby Anagnostis of Butter Bath, there’s plenty more in the tank from the great Ruby Humberstone.

Ruby Humberstone’s “Loose Change” is out now.