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Song You Need to Know: Romero, ‘Turn It On!’

The title track from their forthcoming debut album, “Turn it On!” sees Melbourne’s Romero delivering a powerful instant-classic.

Izzie Austin*

Melbourne’s own Romero look set to take over the world of rock and power-pop, with “Turn it On!”, the title track from their forthcoming debut album, making its way into the world recently.

A record three years in the making, Romero emerged from the pubs and clubs scene of the Victorian capital, complete with influences that feel as fresh as they do nostalgic. Armed with the soulful-yet-commanding vocals of Alanna Oliver, and complemented by a rhythm section that feels as if it were ripped straight from the punk era of New York City’s CBGBs, it’s easy to see why Romero have been championed by music publications the world over.

Now, with their debut album set for release in April, the group have unveiled the record’s title track, sharing “Turn it On!” late last week. Clearly revelling in their self-described “present-tense nostalgia”, “Turn it On!” sees the group powering through a mesmerising rock classic, while still ensuring it remains as accessible as ever.

“I was watching a Debbie Harry [Blondie] documentary and one of the quotes was ‘she just gets on stage and she turns it on’,” recalls Oliver. “As soon as I heard this I paused it and started writing. The lyrics flowed effortlessly.

“It was such a simple idea to channel that inner power. When I sing this song I am now a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it.”

The track also comes accompanied by a Triana Hernandez-directed video which incorporates a live performance with classic horror film techniques to create a visual world that’s both aesthetically pleasing and highly visceral.

“It’s a playful representation of their live shows taking you into a fantasy world of shimmery disco and pop, whilst keeping the rock aspect alive on screen through the eyes of your classic uninterested pub punter at the gig,” Hernandez explains.

“For me it was a pleasure to work with a band that has such minimal and elegant visual references, yet so rich and raw purely through it’s actual music and synergy on stage.”

With “Turn it On!” serving as a powerful representation of what to expect from Romero’s debut album, it’s clear that they’re a band on the cusp of big things. As such, it’s time to get in on the ground floor of this homegrown operation and give Romero’s latest single a well-deserved spin.

Romero’s “Turn it On!” is out now, while debut album Turn it On! will be released on April 8th via Cool Death Records & Feel It Records, with pre-orders available now.