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Song You Need to Know: Riley Pearce, ‘Furniture’

A rumination on time spent in lockdown, “Furniture” is set to appear on The Water & The Rough, the forthcoming debut album from Riley Pearce

Cedric Tang*

Just a few months on from the release of his gorgeous single, “8 Hour Drive”, Perth musician Riley Pearce has unveiled his latest single by way of the affecting “Furniture”.

Set to appear on his forthcoming debut album, The Water & The Rough, “Furniture” is a perfect example of the sort of blissful creations that Pearce conjures up. Written prior to and during the ongoing pandemic, his debut full-length record shows a sense of world-weariness in its creation, yet manages to capture the hearts and minds of its listener due to its stellar melodies and quietly introspective lyrics.

Nowhere is this more evident than on new single “Furniture”, which sees Pearce ruminating on time spent in lockdown with his partner in their small apartment. Ranging from the mundanity of repetition to the escapism of silliness, the track captures the almost universal experience that is reflective of these last few years.

“The days all blend together and your interactions with each other grow weirder and weirder…it’s neither good nor bad, it’s just strange,” Pearce explains. “It’s an observation of that absurd time for us, spending so much time in that apartment that we were becoming a part of the furniture.”

Adding context to the track by way of a music video, “Furniture” also comes accompanied by a Cedric Tang-directed clip which featuring real-life couple Stan and Gwenda. Having first met in Perth while ballroom dancing in 1956, the pair have been together ever since, proving that true love can overcome even the most frustrating, and mundane, of obstacles.

Riley Pearce’s “Furniture” is out now, while debut album The Water & The Rough will be released on June 10th.