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Song You Need to Know: Ricky Albeck & The Belair Line Band, ‘Against the Wall’

The latest single from Ricky Albeck & The Belair Line Band, “Against the Wall” had its origins as a solo track for Albeck back in 2018.


One of Adelaide’s finest outfits have returned with another killer song for the year, with Ricky Albeck & The Belair Line Band unleashing “Against the Wall” yesterday.

Featuring Jessica Johns (guitar, piano, backing vocals), Colby Robertson (drums), Jesse Davidson (bass, backing vocals), Tom Matheson (guitar), Tom Spall (violin), and Ricky Albeck (vocals and guitar), the group are an all-star collection of musicians, serving up an eclectic mix of the country twang and pub-rock sensibilities, with Albeck’s intricate, affecting lyrics helping to add a devastatingly human side to the group.

The group’s first track since the release of “Hands” back in February, “Against the Wall” has the classic sound that fans of both Albeck and the Belair Line Band would be expecting, albeit with a much more immersive sound that envelopes the listener and draws them into the mesmerising sonic crafted by the band.

With twangy guitars and bouncy rhythms, the track is equal parts nostalgic and forward-thinking, and highlights another musical evolution for the group. In fact, the idea of it being rooted in both the past and the future feels somewhat fitting, given that “Against the Wall” had originally been recorded by Albeck solo in 2018, before this full band version was made in 2019, and finally released in 2021.

Another stunning track from the South Australian collective, it remains to be seen whether “Against the Wall” will serve as an additional standalone single, or if it ā€“ along with “Hands” ā€“ might feature on an upcoming body of work. Only time will tell, but in the meantime, give their latest effort a listen, and stay tuned for more updates in the future.

Ricky Albeck & The Belair Line Band’s “Against the Wall” is out now via Swirl Records.