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Song You Need to Know: NIDALA, ‘Colours of My People’

A stunning showcase of strength, reconciliation, family, and culture, “Colours of My People” sees Djugun artist NIDALA at the peak of her powers.


Ahead of the release of her forthcoming carbon neutral EP, Colours of My People, Djugun singer-songwriter and activist NIDALA has given fans a taste of her stunning work, offering up the video for the title track today.

Having been receiving widespread acclaim in recent months for tracks such as “One Of Those Days” and “Said Too Much”, NIDALA has been seeing her music receiving a wider audience, validating her hope for the world to appreciate her work, which she describes as “an anthem for open hearts and raised fists”. Driven by a relentless hope for humanity, NIDALA uses her music as a tool to create reconciliation, be it with emotions, our bodies, or natural environments.

Now, with a new EP on the way this week, NIDALA has showcased her latest track, with the stunning and evocative “Colours of My People” featuring the emotive performances of Nidala Barker and three First Nations movement masters; ​​Bundjalung poet Ella Noah Bancroft, Barkindji dancer Kirilly Lowcock, and Pajinka Wik, Meriam Mer man Waangenga Blanco (Bangarra).

The track sees NIDALA calling together her brothers and sisters in the Djugun language of her Father, effortlessly sharing words of kindness, power, and pride as it crafts a moving showcase of cultural strength and beauty.

The track also comes paired with an accompanying video, directed by Freya Hayley, which contextualises the song and furthers the themes of family, environmental reconciliation, and NIDALA’s undying connection to her heritage.

“Filming the video was an incredible process,” NIDALA explained. “From sitting down with Freya for the first time to try and tease out ideas, to seeing the end product come together, it felt as though the intention for the track was being solidified.

“I think my favourite part was watching the process of turning an idea into an art form, something I’m familiar with in music but had never witnessed in visual form.”

“Filming with NIDALA for “Colours of My People” was a powerful and moving experience,” echoes Freya Hayley. “I felt goosebumps multiple times throughout the filming days, and whilst editing watching the frames fall into place. To have been able to assist in translating this message into visual form has been an immense privilege and an eye opening experience.”

“Colours of My People” is set to appear on the EP of the same name when it officially releases on September 2nd. A carbon neutral release, the Colours of My People EP is part of the Reconcile Project, driven by NIDALA’s relentless hope in humanity and her staunch activism as a protector and carer of Country.

20% of all proceeds from the EP will be dedicated to planting trees, in an effort to demonstrate that music can be a direct tool for creating tangible positive change in the world, while a further 20% will be going towards funding Indigenous-run initiatives, ranging from mental health services to creative mentoring, as a means to amplify the positive work of her people.

NIDALA’s “Colours of My People” and the EP of the same name are officially released on September 2nd.