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Song You Need to Know: Montana Sharp, ‘Power’

The latest single from rising Melbourne talent Montana Sharp, “Power” is just as explosive as its name suggests.

Image of Montana Sharp

Charlie Ashfield*

With a classical background and with a knack for being something of a musical chameleon, it’s undoubtedly always a good time when there is new music from Melbourne’s Montana Sharp on the way.

Having exploded onto the scene with “Greenhouse” in 2020, it was clear that things were just heating up for Sharp, whose sound was quickly compared to the likes of Eurovision stars Kate Miller-Heidke and Montaigne, with elements of classic rock thrown in for good measure.

Now, Sharp has released her follow-up single, with “Power” serving as a theatrical pop anthem about the pros and cons of wielding power as a woman in a romantic relationship. While not outwardly empowering upon first listen, it’s the nuance of lyrics and performance style that sees Sharp showcasing her talent and claiming the titular power as her own.

Featuring cycling pianos, pounding percussion, and an explosive, soaring chorus which showcases her vocals in all their glory, it’s arguably a career highlight for the artist, who has not only trained at Monash University, but also served as a session musician for other creatives.

“I think I grew up sold on the idea that my life would be magically ‘fixed’ once a man came to rescue me,” Sharp explains of the inspiration behind the track. “I’d get into a relationship and expect the guy  to ‘save’ me from my problems, and I’d be so disappointed and bitter when they inevitably couldn’t – so I’d cut them off abruptly in order to regain a sense of control.

“I know people will listen to this song and think it’s empowering, and perhaps it was when I wrote it – but I think the head that wears the crown was very heavy, and there’s a lot more subtext within the story.”

While “Power” is on track to be released on May 7th, the hype behind Montana Sharp is clearly real and growing fast, with a sold-out release show at Melbourne’s Welsey Anne set to take place on May 6th.

Montana Sharp’s “Power” is officially released on May 7th.

Montana Sharp “Power” Single Launch

Thursday, May 6th (Sold Out)
Wesley Anne, Melbourne, VIC