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Song You Need to Know: Lisa Mitchell, ‘Zombie’

Feeling can be the hardest thing to do sometimes,” explains Lisa Mitchell, “but gees, I’m glad I’m not a zombie.”

Jess Broheir; styling by Jam Baylon

Beloved Australian singer/songwriter Lisa Mitchell has returned with her first solo single of the year, sharing the moving “Zombie” today.

Released today, “Zombie” follows on from Mitchell’s appearance on Mazde’s “Vital Signs” last month, which in turn follows Mitchell’s 2020 cover of Gillian Welch’s “Everything is Free”. However, the latest track sees Mitchell returning to the fold with a typically-stunning piece of indie-rock, bolstered by acoustic guitars, deft percussion, and a soaring chorus accompanied by Mitchell’s intoxicating voice.

“‘Zombie’, is an ode to being alive,” Mitchell explained of the track in a statement. “To the glory and tragedy of feeling (and thinking!). Feeling can be the hardest thing to do sometimes, but gees, I’m glad I’m not a zombie.”

The new single also comes accompanied by a music video, directed by Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd, which follows Mitchell as she escapes the black-and-white mundanity of home, before luscious colour arrives as she dives into a nearby lake.

Notably, Mitchell’s new single isn’t the first time she’s released a track called “Zombie”, with a 2014 appearance on triple j’s Like a Version segment resulting in a delightful cover of the Jamie T song of the same name.

At this stage, it’s unknown whether “Zombie” is set to serve as a standalone single, or if it’s the first taste of a larger body of work from the acclaimed artist, but with a song this mesmerising, we can only hope there’s more to come.

Lisa Mitchell’s “Zombie” is out now.