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Song You Need to Know: KIT HEPBURN, ‘leftalone’

Self-written and produced during Melbourne’s extended lockdown, Kit Hepburn has created a universally-relatable track with “leftalone”.

Image of Kit Hepburn

Image: Darren Gill

As 2021 continues to bring with it a cautious sense of normalcy following a widely difficult year, so too are we now beginning to realise more and more how much art has been created in response to this period of uncertainty. Now, KIT HEPBURN has added his voice to the collective howl, with “leftalone” serving as something of a stylistic response to the miasma of 2020.

The musical moniker of Ballarat musician Zac Kazepis, KIT HEPBURN has been sharing music for a few years now, with heavy focus being put upon intricate instrumentals, hazy vocals, and ultimately, ensuring that the music provides a feeling as much as it does a soundtrack.

Now, latest single “leftalone” arrives as something of a visceral, auditory response to the isolation and loneliness experiences by millions due to COVID-19-inspired lockdowns throughout 2020 and beyond. With gentle electric piano, dreamy beats, and gorgeously-smooth vocals, the track was inspired by the uncomfortable feelings that KIT HEPBURN himself was forced to endure throughout the last year.

“I was living on my own during lockdown, which was a blessing in some ways and a curse in others,” he explains. “I wasn’t able to see any friends or work, so I’d just spend my nights driving around real late.

“There’s something about driving around late at night on empty roads that feels otherworldly, particularly at that time. I think that feeling is in the song for sure…this song is an expression of wanting closeness, but also having walls up.”

Originally from regional Victoria but currently based in Melbourne, KIT HEPBURN wrote, produced, mixed, and mastered “leftalone” during the extended lockdown experienced by Melbourne, with the track serving as something of a passion project which helped provide a sense of sanity throughout a difficult year.

“It feels so good to be releasing ‘leftalone’,” he explains. “I was obsessed with getting this song just right, so it feels good to be finally sharing it with the world and getting it out of my bedroom.”

KIT HEPBURN’s “leftalone” is officially released on May 7th.