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Song You Need to Know: Kirrah Amosa, ‘Possessive’

Emerging from the darkness of 2020/21, “Possessive” sees Kirrah Amosa moving into the light with a powerful R&B anthem.

Image of Kirrah Amosa

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Canberra R&B artist Kirrah Amosa has burst into 2022 with renewed confidence for a more positive year, sharing “Possessive” ahead of its official release on Wednesday.

Having been a staple of the local music scene for a number of years now, it was in 2020 that Amosa found some viral success, having featured on “Children of A Dream” alongside Liu and PYNNO, attracting close to two million streams in the process.

However, it undoubtedly served as a rare moment of light in the darkness of these past two years. Though Amosa has shared a few singles across the last year, it’s “Possessive” that ultimately serves as a powerful indicator of the good things coming. Slick beats, hypnotically-smooth vocals, and one of the most mesmerising instrumentals you’ll hear this year combine to make “Possessive” one of Amosa’s most powerful tracks to date.

“2020/2021 bestowed on me the best of the worst; crushed my dreams, dissolved years of hard work, ended my relationship, introduced me to my new bestie, Anxiety, and helped me understand that the niggling feeling in the back of my head wasn’t motivation to be healthier – it was body dysmorphia,” explained Amosa.

“2022 is officially the new year of birth as I have completely shed all remnants of the shame and doubt that fuelled my being and have fully embraced my good and semi-toxic traits e.g., ‘Possessive’. Accepting this darker side of me was nothing short of absolute liberation, so if you’re anything like me, I offer you this.

“Instead of entering the always-vicious screening cycle with a new potential partner, feel free to play them ‘Possessive’,” Amosa adds. “Let ‘em know what to expect, and if they get surprised by your ‘passion’ (or emotion-filled mood swings), that’s on them.”

With “Possessive” serving as a “loving reminder” from Amosa to “keep your hands and eyes on your side of the table”, it’s undeniably one of her most accomplished releases to date, and its mere existence is a strong indicator of just how much better 2022 is already shaping up to be.

Kirrah Amosa’s “Possessive” is officially released on March 2nd.