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Song You Need to Know: JXN, ‘Cotton Candy’

JXN is undoubtedly a rising star within the Aussie music scene, and as “Cotton Candy” continues to gather steam, he’s unveiled its Zen-like music video.


It’s been a big month for rising star JXN, but as he revels in the acclaim coming forth for new single “Cotton Candy”, he’s upped the ante with the release of the track’s official music video.

Released earlier this month, “Cotton Candy” was the latest song that fans heard from JXN, whose real name is Jackson Brazier. Having made his debut only a few short years ago, the new single marked the beginning of a new chapter in his career, with “Cotton Candy” coming alongside a signing with Michael Chugg’s City Pop Records.

Despite a small release day hiccup, JXN’s signing with City Pop was viewed by all and sundry as the impetus for many good things to come. “The decision to join forces with City Pop and the entire Chugg family was a no brainer,” JXN explained to The Industry Observer. “Their ability to break records & artists is unparalleled and we are all very confident and excited in what’s to come. Don’t blink.”

However, it was the main event, new single “Cotton Candy”, that stole the show, with the breezy, upbeat number showcasing JXN’s smooth vocal skills, immersive production, and immersive lyrical content.

“‘Cotton Candy’ is directed at my life and how I know I can be a pain but also appreciate the fact that certain people can stick with me like cotton candy and them knowing they can also count on me,” JXN explained of the track.

Now, he’s unveiled the official video for the single, recruiting the directorial talents of Brickpen’s David Velasquez for the clip. Somewhat reminiscent of Michel Gondry’s iconic video for The White Stripes’ “Fell in Love With a Girl”, the clip for “Cotton Candy” is an almost Zen-like creation, utilising a single sped-up shot which sees Mason-Hamilton Smith’s pixel-art cover for the single recreated using Lego as the lyrics follow along the bottom of the screen.

Humble, reflective, and truly mesmerising to watch, the clip is as slick as “Cotton Candy” itself, and representative of JXN’s memorable, yet not overtly flashy, approach to the game.

JXN’s “Cotton Candy” is out now via City Pop Records.