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Song You Need to Know: Jack Bratt, ‘London’

“London” sees Jack Bratt once again showcasing his inimitable skills as a musician and songwriter through a heartfelt lens.

Kristina Wild*

Brisbane’s own Jack Bratt has returned with his latest single, showcasing his inimitable skills on the mesmerising ‘London’.

If there’s one thing that fans have come to learn from Jack Bratt in the past few years, it’s that he more than knows his way around a song, often turning the most inconsequential-feeling themes or emotions into anthemic tracks that hit right where they’re needed the most.

Of course, it’s no surprise, either. After all, Bratt has spent years performing a number of bands (including Golden Age Of Ballooning), sharing the stage with some veritable icons, and in 2019, he was named the winner of the 2019 Grant McLennan Fellowship. While the last 18 months have undoubtedly looked far different to what he would have preferred, Bratt was content to turn lemons into musical lemonade, with a litany of stunning singles arriving since then.

Now, we’re getting ever-closer to the release of his debut album. While specific details currently remain under wraps, previous singles indicate that it’s shaping up to be an instant classic. Today though, Bratt has given fans another taster, sharing ‘London’ today.

In true fashion, it’s stellar songwriting paired with masterful guitarwork, smooth, intimate vocals, and world-class production. A luscious track that almost feels made for headphones, the single sees Bratt looking back on an era from his past, but delivers with such pure talent that it feels almost universally relatable. The mark of an impeccable songwriter, really.

“Lyrically, ‘London’ turned out to be a bit of a premonition about a large chapter of my life ending and a new one beginning,” Bratt explains. “It’s a nice snap shot of a beautiful time in my life, although I knew I couldn’t hold onto it forever.”

Another powerful example of what is still to come from this talented artist, details regarding his forthcoming album are expected to follow in the near future.

Jack Bratt’s “London” is out now.