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Song You Need to Know: Hot Donnas, ‘Fear Me’

Their first single of 2021, “Fear Me” sees Dunedin rockers Hot Donnas delivering a blistering showcase of their musical talents.


Dunedin rockers Hot Donnas have returned with their first single of the year, sharing the debut taste of their forthcoming EP by way of the raucous “Fear Me”.

Bursting onto the scene four years ago, the NZ outfit wasted no time in bringing their frenetic sound to crowds all over, with a number of releases helping to give fans an example of the sort of mesmerising rock fury that they possess.

Now, having last given fans a serving of their trademark sound by way of last year’s Adventures of E-Wan EP, Hot Donnas have returned with “Fear Me”, the first track off their forthcoming self-titled EP.

Working with Steve Marr at Roundhead Studios (Shihad, Benee), the group found themselves recording live predominantly, capturing their raw, primal energy, and giving them the “sonic punch” that they had been seeking.

“I feel like the songs are diverse and unique but then stay true to the ’90s-esque sound that we have leaned on towards the latter stages of our Hot Donnas journey,” explained guitarist Mitch Sizemore.

With their new EP arriving later this month, “Fear Me” gives fans a taste of what to expect through its slick lyrics, soaring vocals, and powerful choruses – culminating in the sort of rock bliss they’ve managed to accrue their sizeable fanbase with.

In addition to the track, Hot Donnas have also unveiled its accompanying music video, working with creative directors Wade McClelland & Bradon McCaughey to create a wild, fever-dream like state that is complemented by psychedelic and hallucinatory effects.

“Wade and Brandon are geniuses behind the lens and it is always a pleasure working with them,” explained Sizemore. “We were lucky enough to shoot the video at our mates mansion of a flat in the heart of studentville in Dunedin. This flat has fourteen, 22 year old boys living in it so I think you can imagine the ruckus that gets caused.”

“The idea of the video was to be a wild dream experience and with all the random activities and out of place looks incorporated you might just feel you are in one yourself,” added bassist Gene Mace. “We had a rough idea what to use for content along with a lot of  quick spur of the moment shots we could have never come up with on paper which really brings the whole video together.”

With “Fear Me” officially released on November 10th, you can give the new single and its accompanying video a sneak peek via the player above.

Hot Donnas’ “Fear Me” is officially released on November 10th.