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Song You Need to Know: Harrison Storm and Enna Blake, ‘Under Dusk’

The first taste of a forthcoming EP, ‘Under Dusk’ is the product of a stunning pairing from Victorian artists Harrison Storm and Enna Blake.

Holly Kate*

Victorian artists Harrison Storm and Enna Blake have unveiled one of the most spectacular singles of 2021, with collaborative effort “Under Dusk” receiving an official release last week.

Having been affected by the global pandemic as much as any other artist, both Storm and Blake found themselves weathering the events of these past 18 months within an oceanside share house, living and creating together as a means of getting by. Without the usual distractions of a regular year, the external silence allowed for deep reflection on the important things, with this introspective vision soon finding its way out into the world by way of their music.

The first taste of this collaborative effort, “Under Dusk”, was fittingly the first piece of music they worked on together. As they began to reflect on the happenings within their personal lives and the outside world, they began to pen this music as a way to “process what was happening around us”, explains Blake.

Writing without a particular goal in mind, the music found itself flowing, eventually resulting in an upcoming four-track EP dedicated to the prospect of change on both a personal and global level.

“It’s interesting what happens when we stop,” Blake noted in a statement. “Without all the distractions of everyday life, lockdown made it obvious what’s underneath the surface for many people. I think for some, it’s been quite painful and confronting.

“‘Under Dusk’ was born out of that revelation and the support you need when you choose to change. I hope it will give people solace and help them to find the courage to work through what they need to.”

“The writing and recording of ‘Under Dusk’ was one of the more interesting processes I’ve experienced as an artist,” Storm adds. “It was a beautiful learning curve in letting go from a creative perspective and sharing those decisions with someone else equally instead of having all that weight on your shoulders as a solo act.”

Bolstered by predominantly acoustic instrumentation and their collective vocals, “Under Dusk” is a track that feels destined to speak to the soul, and one that shows the power of companionship in difficult times.

Harrison Storm and Enna Blake’s “Under Dusk” is out now, with more information about their forthcoming EP set to arrive in the coming weeks.