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Song You Need to Know: Gavin Haley, ‘Cliché’

The latest single from the US artist, Gavin Haley will unleash his debut album, i hate you, Don’t Leave Me, this July.

Image of Gavin Haley


As Gavin Haley continues to rise through the ranks of the global music industry, the US artist has kicked off another milestone in his impressive career, releasing new single “Cliché” alongside the announcement of his debut album.

If you’ve been keeping your finger on the pulse of the music scene, then you might have had Haley turn up on your radar in recent years. Kicking things off back in 2016, he’s since managed to explode in popularity, with 2019 single “The Way I Am” having scored over 34 million streams since its release.

Now though, he’s continued to keep on rising, announcing the release of his debut album, i hate you, Don’t Leave Me, which is scheduled to arrive on July 14th. Co-produced and co-written by Skyler Mones (Dua Lipa, Kesha) and Nick Bailey (Demi Lovato, Marshmello, Machine Gun Kelly), the record has been a long time coming, and looks to see Haley make the leap from an artist that deserves your attention, to an artist that commands your attention.

Alongside the news of his forthcoming album, Haley has also shared his new standalone single “Cliché”. Co-written with Mones, B Ham (Kim Petras, Maroon 5, Kiana Lede), and Trey Campbell (Giveon, Amber Mark, Banks), the bouncy pop track mixes elements of indie-rock and hip-hop as it tends towards its powerful chorus: “Is it cliché to say, I don’t know much about love, I don’t know much about trust?

“I’ve been writing songs about relationships for a while,” Haley says of the track. “‘Cliché’ is about navigating somebody who loves space; and the confusion that causes for somebody who loves to be close.

“It’s a heart on my sleeve moment but instead of it being slow tempo and sad I wanted to communicate socially how I really felt frustrated.”

A instant pop anthem, it’s clear to see that with the talent seen on the likes of “Cliché” and his forthcoming i hate you, Don’t Leave Me album, it won’t be long before Gavin Haley reaches the well-deserved status of being a household name.

Gavin Haley’s “Cliché” is out now, while debut album i hate you, Don’t Leave Me will be released on July 14th, with pre-orders available now.