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Song You Need to Know: Florian, ‘Seventeen’

Serving as a message to Florian’s younger self, “Seventeen” is a nostalgia-drenched anthem that feels custom-made for the summer months.

Image of Florian

Georgia Wallace*

Noted as an acclaimed purveyor of “unapologetic pop that kickstarts your heart”, Sydney’s Florian has once again delivered a true pop anthem by way of latest single, “Seventeen”.

Having first appeared on the scene by way of 2017’s “Star Cross Lover”, the last few years have been quite prolific for Florian, with the likes of “Yours & Mine” and “Patrick Swayze” arriving in recent months. Now though, she’s back with her latest track, the immersive “Seventeen”.

From its VHS-inspired artwork to its hazy synths, “Seventeen” is a track dripped in nostalgia and self-awareness, and serves as a message to Florian’s younger self. Equally refreshing and catchy, it’s a testament to her astounding skills as a songwriter and arranger; tugging the heart strings while still delivering a resonating message amidst a true desire to shake it off and dance.

“The song speaks from two versions of me, one that’s the regular me, doing regular life things, having low days etc. and that’s kind of the verse lyrics,” Florian explains, “and then the wiser, happier, encouraging, love-yourself-version of me in the chorus who’s just like, ‘Go have a good time, you idiot!'”

Recorded close to a year ago at Campderdown’s FED Studios during 2020’s first lockdown, Florian worked hard with her band – comprising Ollie Thorpe, Elliott Hitchcock, Harry Sutherland, and Miles Thomas – to ensure that the feel and energy of the track were just right. From the dreamy atmosphere of the song, to the Prince-inspired guitarwork, “Seventeen” is rooted in the past, but remains a unique, forward-thinking entry into the artist’s discography as she continues to makes her mark on the local scene.

“In November 2020, I recorded the track with my band at FED Studios which is actually two doors down from me in Camperdown,” Florian explains. “It was honestly one of the best weeks of my life.

“Ollie Thorpe, who has been my guitarist from day one, is really heavily featured in ‘Seventeen’, and no joke when he recorded the outro guitar part, we were using a tape echo live at the same time, so it was recorded exactly how you hear it on the record. I bawled my eyes out. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever heard. I still cry sometimes when I hear it, it’s my favourite part of the song.”

While it remains to be seen whether “Seventeen” is part of a larger body of work or if it will stand alone as a powerful single, it’s clear that Florian is on track to achieve some big things, with this new single serving as concrete proof.

Florian’s “Seventeen” is officially released on September 30th.