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Song You Need to Know: FIERO, ‘Coupe’

The US duo pair stellar, intimate instrumentation with the visuals of director Collin Erie to create something truly immersive.


More than a year after it was first introduced into the world, US duo FIERO have shared the mesmerising video for their single “Coupe”.

Originally released as a single in July of 2020 and later included on their Reunion EP, “Coupe” is a stunning moment of power for the US duo, comprising Los Angeles-based Kelsey Bulkin (previously of Made In Heights) and Nashville-based Joseph Bogan.

While the EP itself was described as being both “stunning and intimate” by one source, it’s a moving collection of work that culminates with the eclectic “Coupe”. Quietly powerful and armed with brief touches of iconic outfits such as Air, it’s a slick track which has now received some accompanying visuals thanks to a collaboration with director Collin Erie.

An intimate visual pairing which sees FIERO performing against a limitless background as their movements shift in energy along with the song’s progression, it’s a truly fitting pairing for a track such as this, and one that needs to be see to be believed.

“Collin and I have known each other since we were 11 though we’ve never worked together on anything before, I’ve always wanted to,” Bulkin says of the collaboration. When Joseph and I made the decision to shoot a video for Coupe I knew I wanted Collin behind the camera. It all lined up.”

“We wanted to play with stillness so you have these long, slow shots of Kelsey singing in a dark limitless space during the first half of the video shifting to faster movements as the song’s energy lifts,” adds Bogan. “Capturing a warm, classic feel was really important to us so shooting on 16mm felt like the right choice. We also had total trust in Collin which allowed us to be completely free while shooting.”

FIERO’s “Coupe” is out now on their Reunion EP.