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Song You Need to Know: Eli Greeneyes, ‘PEOPLE’

“This song is about finding out who you are while people project their fears onto you because you’re different,” explains Eli Greeneyes.


The last few years have already seen Eli Greeneyes assert himself as one of the finest musicians in the country today, but with the release of new single “PEOPLE”, he’s proven that we’re only just starting to witness his full potential.

Having released a string of singles over the past years, Eli Greeneyes quickly made a name for himself as a consistent and powerful performer, with an inimitable command of Britpop-style songwriting combining with soon-to-be-iconic vocal hooks to result in an experience like no other.

Ultimately, this raw talent soon found Greeneyes rubbing shoulders with some of the greats, having teamed up with the likes of Drapht on the Aussie hip-hop veteran’s most recent album, Shadows and Shinings.

Now, as 2022 is in full swing, Eli Greeneyes is back with one of his biggest tracks to date. Unleashing “PEOPLE” just last week, his latest single is representative of everything that’s made him a mesmerising performer.

The self-produced song first began life in 2020, before being finalised recently with new lyrics. Possessing an inimitable swagger, paired with exceptional songwriting, and vocals that feel custom-made to be belted out at the top of one’s lungs, it’s a track that’s impossible to ignore, and arguably one of Greeneyes’ best to date.

Now, he’s unveiled the official video clip for the track. Filmed, directed, and edited by Ben Matei with the help of James Mooney, the visual accompaniment contextualises the single as it provides an energetic and captivating take on identity transformation. Collaborating with fashion designer Kimberley Meyers, it sees Eli bringing to life numerous characters that he’s seen in his head.

“This song is about finding out who you are while people project their fears onto you because you’re different,” Eli explains. “Whether it be how you dress, loving someone of the same sex, gender transitioning or anything really. I mean SHIT!!, there’s people that freak out if I get a new haircut – what would they say if I told them I’m questioning my sexuality and have no idea what that means yet?

“Its about overcoming that fear of judgment as you grow into your unique self, however that looks for each individual,” he adds. “Being you is important and has no real consequences, so take one deep breath and say Fuck em I’m gonna be me. I want people to feel the same liberation I’m feeling in this video. I don’t know who I am yet and I’m sure there’s others who can relate to that. It doesn’t get any more raw for me.”

As raw as it gets, it’s a perfect pairing of brilliant songwriting and stellar filmmaking, and captures one of the country’s most exciting artists as their peak… that is, until the next single raises that peak even further.

Eli Greeneyes’ “PEOPLE” is out now.