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Song You Need to Know: Elaska Young, ‘Weekend Wars’

A powerful piece of work from Elaska Young, “Weekend Wars” results from the overcoming of a difficult few years for the Newcastle artist.


As Elaska Young gears up to release his debut EP next year, the Newcastle artist has unveiled his latest single for 2021, sharing the immersive “Weekend Wars” just last week.

Having risen to fame singing his sister (better known as beloved artist BOI), Young found himself going solo following their band’s dissolution, eventually heading towards the UK in an effort to find himself. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as smoothly as one would hope, with this move ultimately resulting in a period of time that led to the creation of songs such as “Weekend Wars”.

“‘Weekend Wars’ is inspired by growing up in middle class suburbia and by the movie, The Bling Ring,” Young explained of the track. “It’s also off the back of my own journey.

“In 2017, I moved to London and started writing music with like-minded producers,” he continues. “I had intended to start playing shows but instead got caught up in a whirlwind of drugs, alcohol and sex. I came back to Australia just before covid in 2020 for a friend’s wedding and got stuck.

“Once back here, my friends eventually threw an intervention for me. I have since lost half those friends, which has become a huge theme in the EP. I am now grateful to say I am 18 months sober.”

A testament to the resilience and tenacity faced by Young, “Weekend Wars” is a powerful, emotive piece of work that provides an almost visceral feeling for anyone who is able to relate to the heady topics discussed in a song such as this.

Produced former Glass Towers guitarist, TINKER, Young explains that the song is designed as an attempt to capture the sort of “angst and nostalgia of middle-class youth” and the things that folks would do in an attempt to feel alive despite the privileged situations they would find themselves in.

“Weekend Wars” is also set to appear on Elaska Young’s forthcoming debut EP, A Complete Mess, which is on track to be released in early 2022.

Elaska Young’s “Weekend Wars” is out now.