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Song You Need to Know: Echo Adore, ‘See Red’

Written in response to violent events that dominate the news cycle, “See Red” shows Echo Adore at their vibrant best.


Two years on from when they first turned heads thanks to the brilliance of “Caught In History”, Perth’s Echo Adore have continued their impressive run of tunes, having shared the mesmerising “See Red” just last month.

Releasing last single “Handsome Face” back in May, Echo Adore gave fans a taste of what to expect from their next body of work, and with “See Red” continuing this showcase of exceptional work, it feels as though the duo – comprising Damian Diggs and Oliver James – are only going from strength to strength.

With their latest single recorded between Pavement and Blackbird Studios in Perth, “See Red” provided the pair with an outlet to channel their feelings towards events that dominated the news cycle at the time. As a result, the track is one that feels frenetic and urgent, with feelings of losing control and being overwhelmed being addressed during its three-minute runtime.

“There were a lot of violent events on the news during that time and we were trying to navigate that mindset,” explains Oliver James. “One particular event inspired Damian to write the lyrics as an internal dialogue. The music and lyrics both began to reflect the anger and vengeance of the character in the song, a story about betrayal and disillusion.

“It definitely has its own self contained narrative but it can relate to a lot of internal struggles, like anxiety and depression. Trying to fight your way out of a frame of mind.”

With “See Red” serving as a taste of their forthcoming EP, Lumière, it gives fans an example of what to expect from the next chapter from Echo Adore. The group are also scheduled to wrap up a three-date tour of WA next week, with shows currently scheduled for Fremantle and Busselton, and with details available below.

Echo Adore’s “See Red” is out now.

Echo Adore Tour Dates

Friday, July 30th
The Aardvark, Fremantle, WA

Saturday, July 31st
The Fire Station, Busselton, WA