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Song You Need to Know: Dear Sunday, ‘Knock Knock’

A rumination on topics of mental illness and the grief of losing a loved one, “Knock Knock” is a rather heavy song for Perth’s Dear Sunday.

Perth reggae outfit Dear Sunday have unveiled their first new track of the year, with “Knock Knock” serving as a rumination on topics of mental illness and the grief of losing a loved one.

The quartet’s first single since the release of last year’s Draw 4 EP, “Knock Knock” is the epitome of the catchy track that hides a darker meaning, with its breezy vibe and hooky choruses being swiftly complemented by the smooth vocals of Ben Swanson as he waxes lyrical on the haunting nature of dark thoughts, and the importance of powering through to the other side.

“So the song is actually about depression and the feeling of being haunted by dark, sad thoughts,” Swanson explains. “A few years ago I lost two of my best mates, only months apart, to their own battles with mental health. It’s something that is so incredibly common these days, but it’s still so hard to comprehend the internal battle that those people are going through.

“I lost friends because they found it hard to express how they felt, so here I am, sharing my experiences, my dark times and my fight with depression through a song that could be heard all over the world. Hopefully, I’m doing them proud.”

A resonant track that feels ever-relevant for the difficult times in which we find ourselves living, it’s clear that “Knock Knock” is the sort of song that looks to provide comfort to listeners, all while showing that it’s possible to power through the dark times, and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

“We definitely have a mixture of emotions going on with releasing ‘Knock Knock’, that’s for sure,” Lawson explained ahead of its release. “We’re all super excited but also so so nervous.

“This track is a bit of a heavier track from the stuff that we have released prior to this, so we aren’t too sure how the fans will take it – honestly, though, this one is probably a bit of a ‘step-up’ from our other stuff, and we are so excited to see how it’s received.”

With big plans for the future, and a busy year already ahead of them, it’s clear that songs like “Knock Knock” are indicative of the big moves that Dear Sunday will be making as they forge ahead.

Dear Sunday’s “Knock Knock” is out now.