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Song You Need to Know: Butter Bath, ‘Anchor in The Clouds’

The first taste of the forthcoming EP from Butter Bath, ‘Anchor in The Clouds’ is a delightful piece of indie-soul.


As Sydney’s Butter Bath gets ready to unveil his forthcoming EP, he’s shared the first taste of the upcoming release, sharing “Anchor in The Clouds” recently.

Having released the Spectator EP in 2021, along with singles such as “Ivy” and the Hector Gachan collaboration, “You’ll Find Me, Beija Flor”, “Anchor in The Clouds” arrives as a sweeping piece of nostalgic indie-soul.

Written as a song about friendship and its lasting memories, the track sees Toby Anagnostis going deep as he releases this track which is equally personal, yet accessible to a wider audience.

“Music festivals are the perfect blend of my favourite ingredients – live music, human connection, nature,” Anagnostis explains. “Through ‘Anchor in The Clouds’ I reminisce on some of my fondest memories and mope about how much I miss kissing all of my friends in a sweaty crowd.

“The song was written, recorded and produced in my bedroom studio on Gadigal land/Sydney and is the first single from my upcoming EP.”

Indeed, the track is set to be featured on Butter Bath’s upcoming second EP, which is scheduled to arrive in the middle of the year. Though there’s no word yet in regards to a specific release date, the likes of “Anchor in The Clouds” indicates that whenever it is that we’re blessed with the upcoming Butter Bath release, it’ll be an immensely satisfying creation that proves Anagnostis can do no wrong.

Butter Bath’s “Anchor in The Clouds” is out now.