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Song You Need to Know: Boo Seeka + Golding, ‘Don’t Waste Your Love’

A powerful pairing between Boo Seeka and Golding, “Don’t Waste Your Love” is a powerful electro anthem which hides darker themes below the surface.

Image of Boo Seeka + Golding


Boo Seeka and Golding have joined forces to create one of the most powerful pieces of electronic pop in a long time, sharing “Don’t Waste Your Love” ahead of its official release this week.

Serving as a combination of their individual influences – including the likes of Frank Ocean, Glass Animals, Chet Faker, and RÜFÜS DU SOL – “Don’t Waste Your Love” sees the two artists joining their multifaceted sounds to create an outwardly-joyous electronic anthem, pairing with a darker theme bubbling under the glossy exterior.

“‘Don’t Waste Your Love’ came about when I was going through a tough time,” explains Golding’s Jay Bainbridge. “I was experiencing this uncomfortable anxiety that made me feel detached from both my surroundings and my emotions.

“Not being able to feel the love of my family around me created a shocking, yet somehow empty feeling, to the point where it was almost a physical numbness.”

Vulnerable, fearless, and ultimately unflinching, there’s a special rawness to the track which speaks to the listener in a way not felt otherwise. As Boo Seeka’s Ben Gumbleton explains, the track came about following a moment of honesty between the two.

“Jay and I were hanging out at his house one day and before we knew it, we were getting pretty deep and opening up about a lot of personal stuff that has happened in our separate lives over the last year,” Gumbleton reflects.

“I guess for both of us the best way to deal with that stuff is to write about it – so that’s exactly what we did. The whole song was written in twenty minutes.”

While Golding has hinted towards a couple of appearances of the track during some upcoming Boo Seeka sets, the former are currently working towards finalising their EP towards the end of this year, while the latter are currently working on their sophomore record, which will arrive before the year is out.

In the meantime, “Don’t Waste Your Love” will arrive later this week, with a sneak peek available below.

Boo Seeka + Golding’s “Don’t Waste Your Love” is out on Wednesday, April 21st via Disrupt Music Group.