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Song You Need to Know: Boo Seeka, ‘Finish What You Started’

An ode to overcoming hardships and ultimately achieving your goals, “Finish What You Started” is a deeply personal track from Boo Seeka.

Ned Kelly*

Just months after the release of recent single, “Dream”, Boo Seeka has returned with the uplifting new track, “Finish What You Started”.

With Ben Gumbleton having previously announced that Boo Seeka would be a solo project moving forward, it’s become disarmingly apparent that his command of all things musical has allowed itself to shine even brighter as the project continues to unfurl, showing its beauty at every turn.

Bouncy beats and a frenetic electronic melody complement Gumbleton’s soaring, emotive vocals, while its catchy hook undeniably makes itself apparent as one of Boo Seeka’s best to date.

As Gumbleton explains, it’s a deeply personal track, and one that was born out of plenty of frustration. While we’ve all suffered through the impact of a global pandemic, artists have felt the brunt of it most publicly, with cancelled plans and uncertainty making it difficult to continue. That said, “Finish What You Started” feels like a rallying cry to move forward and ensure that life’s negative moments are nothing but small bumps on the road to happiness.

“We are all uncertain and sometimes scared in these crazy times, and we don’t know what the future holds,” Gumbleton explains. “However, we all should keep chasing all the things that make us happy and define who we are. Always finish what you start no matter how long it takes – always follow your dreams.”

With the likes of “Finish What You Started” and other recent singles serving as a taster of what’s to come from Boo Seeka’s forthcoming second album, it appears as though 2022 will serve as something of a new beginning for the project.

With appearances scheduled for the upcoming For the Love festival in the Gold Coast, Wollongong, Melbourne, and Perth in the coming months, the shows are on track to serve as something of a metaphorical statement about the importance of moving head, overcoming hardships, and ultimately achieving what you want – much like the new single.

“There’s been so many setbacks and walls to climb over to even make these festivals happen,” explains Gumbleton. “I really hope that the powers that be start to recognise the damage that they are doing to this industry.

“However, everyone that is involved from the punters, artists, organisers, owners, and everyone else involved… we will be back and it is going to be a big old party.”

Boo Seeka’s “Finish What You Started” is out now.