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Song You Need to Know: Big League, ‘No More Vanilla’

The latest single taken from the Melbourne outfit’s second album, “No More Vanilla” sees Big League leaning hard into classic ’90s-era indie-rock.

As Melbourne’s Big League look ahead to what 2022 holds for them, the indie-rockers have unveiled the final single from their most recent album, sharing the video to “No More Vanilla” today.

Ever since first forming in the middle of the last decade, it’s become clear that Big League were destined for greatness. Created by the husband and wife team of Travis & Marie Velthoven, the endearing quintet have fast found a name for themselves not just at home, but abroad as well.

In addition to tour dates across the US, Big League picked up some critical acclaim off the back of a set at SXSW in 2018, showcasing cuts from their debut album, I Thought Thunderbolt.

Though 2020 undeniably served up a bit of an unexpected series of events, it didn’t take long for Big League to recover, sharing the likes of “Earth = Active Neutral” in 2020 in the lead-up to their latest album, 2021’s A Symbol Like a Cloud.

Now, as the dust begins to settle on the record, Big League are unleashing one last single from the album before they forge ahead into the next stage of their career. Dubbed “No More Vanilla”, it’s already one of the most popular tracks from their latest record, and thanks to its fuzz-laden sound, indie-rock aesthetics, and slick compositional aspects, it’s easy to see why.

In addition to the single, the group have also paired the song with a video, directed by Gordon Holland, which showcases them performing live in their shed/band room as they exercise a bit of creativity in an attempt to craft something that flies off into the ether. As Travis explains, it seems rather fitting for the context of the song, too.

“‘No More Vanilla’ is an uplifting pat on the back to anyone who listen’s to their heart and follows through,” he explains. “Quit the job you hate, call off the crappy relationship, just break the chains and ride into the sun!”

Big League are also on track to perform a handful of shows in the near future, including a show in Adelaide on February 25th. Full details are available below.

Big League’s “No More Vanilla” is out now, and is available on their 2021 album, A Symbol Like a Cloud.

Big League Live Dates

Friday, February 25th
The Metro, Adelaide, SA