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Silk Sonic Rides ‘Love’s Train’ to the Eighties for Valentine’s Day Cover

The song was originally performed by Con Funk Shun in 1982

Sometimes heartstrings can be broken, but that doesn’t stop Silk Sonic from tugging on them. Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a trip to the Eighties on their new cover of Con Funk Shun’s classic single “Love’s Train.”

The 1982 hit was inspired by a love triangle Con Funk Shun’s Michael Cooper and Felton Pilate found themselves in, both lovelorn and yearning. They came together to write the song — amazingly sans awkwardness.

“Love’s Train” is one of Silk Sonic’s shared favorites, even if their schtick is rooted more in the soul and funk of the Sixties and Seventies. Still, Mars and An Evening With Silk Sonic producer D’Mile added the bounce of the duo’s signature groove, picking up the pace of the original.

While making An Evening With Silk Sonic, Mars and .Paak bonded over their love of classic soul, each dusting off deep cuts from their childhood. From there, they poured this mutual admiration into the music.

“It’s all from the heart because we’re writing from our experiences, from our relationships,” .Paak told Rolling Stone last year. “It’s rare that two men can come together and talk about love.”

Mars added: “A good song can bring people together — you don’t have to actually sing the words ‘Everybody come together.’ Sometimes the hard thing is to actually do it. You don’t have to say, ‘Everybody raise your hands’ — sometimes you just hit the right chord and it happens. So that was our mindset with the whole album. If it makes us feel good and resonates with us, that’s gonna be infectious and make other people feel good — and that’s our jobs as entertainers.”

From Rolling Stone US