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Sia Partners With NASA to Celebrate Mars Rover Mission in ‘Floating Through Space’ Video

Clip arrives as NASA prepares to test Ingenuity helicopter, which would mark the first attempt at powered, controlled flight on another planet

Sia has released a new music video for her latest collaboration with David Guetta, “Floating Through Space,” which was made in collaboration with NASA to celebrate the upcoming Ingenuity test flight on Mars.

The Ingenuity Mars Helicopter is a key component of NASA JPL’s Perseverance mission, which successfully touched down on Mars on February 18th. NASA has said it plans to test the Ingenuity copter — which marks the first attempt at a powered, controlled flight on another planet — no later than April 11th.

The new clip for “Floating Through Space” pairs the song with footage of NASA researchers building and testing the Ingenuity helicopter, as well as working on other aspects of the Perseverance mission. The clip is also peppered with additional facts about all that’s going into the landmark test via some classic Pop-Up Video-style bubbles.

“Floating Through Space” appears on the soundtrack for Sia’s controversial film, Music. The movie garnered poor reviews, as well as criticism for the casting of neurotypical actress Maddie Ziegler as a nonverbal autistic woman and its depictions of autism, like one scene where Ziegler’s character is held in a prone restraint. Sia apologized for some of these issues, saying,  “I listened to the wrong people and that is my responsibility, my research was clearly not thorough enough, not wide enough.”

From Rolling Stone US