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Shepherds Reign Share Powerful Polynesian Anthem ‘Ala Mai’

It’s the title track from their Taite-nominated album

Shepherds Reign


Renowned Polynesian metal band Shepherds Reign have released their latest single and music video, “Ala Mai”.

It’s the title track from their most recent and highly acclaimed album. “Ala Mai”, translating to “Awaken” in Samoan, is an anthem that transcends cultural boundaries, addressing the universal struggle for recognition and peace. The track calls upon the strength and wisdom of the band’s forefathers, uniting not just Samoans but the entire Polynesian community.

The band say the song is a reminder of the Polynesian legacy that spans across oceans and nations. They emphasise the importance of overcoming obstacles and sharing their ancestors’ stories worldwide.

“‘Ala Mai’ is our call to the forefathers for strength and guidance. It’s a reminder that we are part of something bigger, a Polynesian legacy that spans across oceans and nations. We face many difficulties today, but with the help of our ancestors, we believe we can bring peace and share our stories with the world,” the band share.

You can listen to “Ala Mai” below. The official music video will drop on the band’s YouTube channel at 5pm AEST today, Monday, May 27th.

Shepherds Reign have consistently captivated audiences with their unique fusion of heavy metal and Polynesian culture. Their powerful performances and authentic storytelling have earned them a dedicated following around the world.

Earlier this year, the band received a nomination for the prestigious Taite Music Prize for Ala Mai, losing out in the competition to Vera Ellen with her album, Ideal Home Noise.

Ala Mai received positive reviews from critics in the metal music press.

Ala Mai is a promising sign that Polynesian metal is here to stay,” hailed Louder Sound, telling Shepherds Reign to “cut the clichés” in order to “become a genuine force in modern heavy metal.”

Shepherds Reign’s “Ala Mai” is out now via Golden Robot Records.