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Sarah McLeod Shares Heartbreaking New Single, ‘Chachi’s Theme’

The new single from Sarah McLeod is an ode to her late pet, and comes alongside the announcement of a national tour from the rocker.

Sarah McLeod has unleashed her latest single of the year, sharing the sentimental “Chachi’s Theme” this morning alongside a run of national tour dates.

The piano-led ballad is a heart-rending tribute to McLeod’s late dog Chachi, who passed away last month. A departure from the hard-rocking sound that most fans associate with McLeod thanks to her time as the leader of Adelaide legends The Superjesus, it’s no less powerful, with attitude swapped for raw emotion.

“Chachi has been my everything for 15 years, she came with me on almost every Australian tour and everyone loved her,” McLeod explains of the song’s origins. “She recently passed away and I’ve been trying to work out how to live without her. I found myself going a bit nuts, asking all the birds if they had a message from Chachi, then I thought instead of sitting waiting for a message from her, I’ll send her one from me.

“I read this poem about the rainbow bridge by Paul C Dahm that comforted me so much. They say that’s where animals who were especially close to their owners go after passing, it’s a beautiful utopia of love and sunshine and all the sick are healed.

“Here they wait for their special friends, and when it’s our time to pass, we meet them and cross the bridge to eternity together. I’ve taken great comfort in this poem and I wanted to make sure Chachi knew what to do. I figure if I’m singing this song night after night she will undoubtedly hear me and get the message.”

A difficult song for McLeod, the result is a mesmerising seven-minute number which everyone who has lost a furry companion can relate to. To further the importance of the song, and to help those who have walked in her shoes, McLeod also announced that all profits from the track will be donated to the RSPCA.

“It was so hard to write because I did it the week she passed, it was all so raw and I cried all the way through it, but I had to push through because I knew I needed it to heal,” she explains. “Now, besides a piano covered in tears,  I have this song, I have something solid I can connect with her through, forever, she will be with me always but especially when I sing this song.

“I wrote it to heal my heart and to let her know that everything is ok. Then I thought, it may heal other hearts in similar situations so I thought I should release it and donate the proceeds to the RSPCA.”

While “Chachi’s Theme” follows on from the release of other singles from McLeod this year, including the riotous “Killin’ It Til I’m Dead”, fans will get a chance to hear these tracks performed live on her recently announced One Electric Lady tour, which will visit the east coast of Australia in February and March of 2021, in addition to the standard Adelaide date.

“The One Electric Lady Tour is a bridge between where I’ve been and where I would like to go,” McLeod explains of her touring plans. “Before covid hit, I was about to embark on a national solo electric tour.

“During lockdown I have been teaching myself how to play piano and am loving it. So this tour will be the best of both worlds, two sets of completely different styles. One set is a stand up rock show that if you closed your eyes you’d think there was full band on stage, but it’s just me. And the other set is me alone on the piano.”

Tickets to McLeod’s upcoming tour are on sale now, while fans have also had the chance to connect with the artist via McLeod’s Wolf Pack on Patreon.

Sarah McLeod’s “Chachi’s Theme” is available now.

Sarah McLeod “One Electric Lady” National Tour

Thursday, February 25th
Sooki Lounge, Belgrave, VIC (18+)
Tickets: Oztix

Friday, February 26th
Workers Club, Geelong, VIC (18+)
Tickets: Oztix

Friday, March 5th
Ballina RSL, Ballina, NSW (18+)
Tickets: Trybooking

Saturday, March 6th
The Lounge, Nundah, QLD (18+)
Tickets: Oztix

Sunday, March 7th
Wallaby Hotel, Mudgeeraba, QLD (18+)
Tickets: Free Entry

Thursday, March 11th
The Vanguard, Newtown, NSW (18+)
Tickets: Moshtix

Friday, March 12th
Royal Hotel, Queanbeyan, NSW (18+)
Tickets: Oztix

Saturday, March 13th
The Brass Monkey, Cronulla, NSW (18+)
Tickets: Early Show: Oztix
Tickets: Late Show: Oztix

Friday, March 19th
Grace Emily Hotel, Adelaide, SA (18+)
Tickets: Oztix