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Sam Fischer and Amy Shark Get ‘High on You’ on Tender New Collaboration

Fischer has celebrated returning to Australia with a sweet collaboration with one of the country’s foremost singer-songwriters

Sam Fischer and Amy Shark Get 'High on You' on New Collaboration

Sam Fischer has celebrated returning to Australia with a sweet collaboration with Amy Shark.

The singer-songwriter’s have combined on the twinkling gem “High on You”, trading tender verses as if they’re decades-long friends gathering for a simple singalong.

“Whenever I get low on love / I get high on you,” the softly sweet chorus goes, Fischer and Shark’s voices melting into each other. “Cool song, Sam,” she chuckles at the end of the song as the last acoustic strum fades out.

Shark had been eager to work with the ARIA-nominated artist for a while. “I’ve been listening to Sam’s music for a few years and really loved the song he did with Demi (Lovato) especially,” she says.

“My manager was playing a song in his office, and I heard it from the studio and was like who the hell is that, and he said “it’s a Sam Fischer” demo that he wants you on. I didn’t even think, I just said yes. The song is epic and I’m proud to add some Shark to it.”

The feeling was definitely mutual. “I’m honoured to be able to call Amy a friend and do this song with her, she’s a one of a kind talent, her pen is pure gold and I’ve been a fan for ages so this is going to be a special time,” Fischer says.

The release of “High on You” comes at a good time for Fischer, with the LA-based star coming back to his home country next month for the first extensive period in a very long time.

“It’s been 13 years since I’ve spent more than 2 weeks at home in Australia and though my ginger, pale, sun-burn prone skin may not be ready for it, my soul definitely is,” he explains. “I can’t wait to be back… This is a homecoming I could only have dreamed of!”

 Sam Fischer and Amy Shark’s “High on You” is out now.