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RZA Revives Bobby Digital Alter Ego for New Song ‘Pugilism’

Wu-Tang producer/rapper announces upcoming LP Digital Potions, the first Bobby Digital album in 13 years

RZA dusts off his Bobby Digital persona for the first time in 13 years for his new song “Pugilism,” the first single from the producer/rapper’s upcoming new album Bobby Digital: Digital Potions.

“Pugilism” — which according to previous RZA interviews dates back to his long-shelved (and reportedly still-in-the-works) album The Cure — continues the Wu-Tang mastermind’s long history of fusing samples from kung-fu movies into his music, and the lyrics are similarly inspired by his beloved martial arts films.

“All that poison in the air/I’m immune to it,” RZA, as Bobby Digital, says on the track. “You thought you could defeat my finger jab/That was humorous.”

In tandem with “Pugilism,” RZA also announced his new series Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater with RZA via his streaming site 36 Cinema; for the first screening, RZA will provide commentary to the Shaw Brothers’ Heroes of the East on April 24th; check out the 36 Cinema site for ticket information.

RZA’s Bobby Digital alter ego last released Digi Snacks in 2008; Digital Potions is billed as a sequel to the first Bobby Digital album, 1998’s Bobby Digital in Stereo. RZA also promises to announce more information about Digital Potions during the Heroes of the East virtual screening.

From Rolling Stone US