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R. Kelly Accuser Claims Singer Had Second Male Victim That He ‘Had Been Grooming’

Jane Doe says she was forced to have sex with a young man Kelly referred to as “Nephew” on multiple occasions

Courtroom sketch of R. Kelly on the first day of his trial in Brooklyn.

Elizabeth Williams/AP

During R. Kelly’s racketeering and sexual abuse trial Tuesday, one of his accusers said that the singer had been grooming a male victim and that she was forced to have sex with him on multiple occasions, The Huffington Post reports.

The accuser was the second survivor to testify in R. Kelly’s trial and is the fifth Jane Doe out of six whose accusations are included in the charging documents. While prosecutors previously announced that they planned to introduce testimony from a then-17-year-old boy who claims he met Kelly in 2006 and was later propositioned by him before a sexual encounter, Doe’s testimony marks the first time it’s been revealed that there’s allegedly a second male victim.

During her testimony Tuesday, August 24th, Doe said Kelly referred to the boy as “Nephew,” and told her that “he had been grooming ‘Nephew’ since he was young like me.” Doe said she was forced to have sex with Nephew on multiple occasions during her five-year relationship with Kelly. She described one incident where she said Kelly ordered her to have sex with Nephew after she broke one of the singer’s rules. Doe told prosecutors that she did not want to have sex with Nephew, and that “it was punishment.”

Doe said that Kelly was in the hotel room with her and Nephew when the incident took place. She said Kelly was naked, too, and that he filmed Nephew and Doe having oral sex and told them what to do while he filmed them. Doe did not say when or where this incident, or any of the other alleged incidents with Nephew, took place.

Kelly’s trial began last week, August 18th, at the U.S. District Court in Brooklyn. He is charged with racketeering, as well as violations of the Mann Act — which prohibits the transport of people across state lines for sexual activity — and sex-related charges in Minnesota. Kelly has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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