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Police Investigating QLD Venue for Potential COVID-19 Restrictions Breach

Footage emerged over the weekend showing patrons dancing at a Brisbane venue, despite restrictions prohibiting the use of dance floors.

Image of Brisbane venue Prohibition where COVID-19 restrictions are alleged to have been breached

Brisbane's Prohibition has been named as one venue being investigated over a potential breach of social distancing regulations.

Prohibition Nightclub/Official Site

Queensland police are currently investigating a venue in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley following allegations that they breached COVID-19 restrictions on Friday evening.

As SBS News notes, footage was reportedly filmed in the Prohibition nightclub on Friday night which depicted attendees dancing in close quarters on the venue’s dance floor – the same day restrictions lifted for many pubs and clubs in the state.

However, as per the modified guidelines, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk maintained that dance floors were to remain off-limits to patrons in an attempt to continue social distancing regulations and minimise any potential spread of COVID-19.

Premier Palaszczuk has since revealed that police are indeed investigating Prohibition for any potential breach that may have occurred, though news reports have claimed that footage that emerged over the weekend was taken at at least two seperate venues.

In a statement given to the AAP over the weekend, Fortitude Valley Safe Night Precinct president Jason Hirt noted that all venue owners were aware of the fact that dance floors were to remain off-limits under the current guidelines.

“There were messages among the owners yesterday (Saturday), all appalled and outraged, regarding it,” Hirt explained. “We are all playing by the rules and getting it right, so we are very disappointed.

“Everyone is aware the dance floor is off-limits and we’re hoping it doesn’t affect anyone else.”

Similarly, Queensland Hotels Association CEO Bernie Hogan also issued a statement to the AAP, noting that the alleged incident should not reflect upon his organisation or other venues that have adhered to the guidelines.

“Hotels and clubs are desperate to keep operating so the actions of one or two should not impact the rest of the hospitality industry,” Hogan explained. “It’s clear that dance floors are not to function at the present time.”

Prohibition have not issued a statement on the news at the current time.