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Photo Gallery: On the Road with nyck

Melbourne electronic duo document their biggest ever national tour, supporting Amy Shark.

Throughout March and April, Melbourne electronic duo, nyck — Nick Acquroff and Dominique Garrard — weaved their way around the country in support of Amy Shark‘s first major national tour. Along the way, Acquroff and Garrard documented their experience through a lens, producing a tour diary of photos and additional commentary, exclusively for Rolling Stone Australia.

All photos and captions by nyck.

Dom and Chris (Timberwolf), passing time in one of the booths at Newtown Social Club.

Not sure where or how he finds them, but Timberwolf is always pulling out rad t-shirts. Think this one is by Reg Mombassa, the Mambo man.

We went to watch Lanks play at Beach Rd Hotel and I bumped into a friend, Jen McCullough, who plays in I Know Leopard. We got really drunk.

Dom caught this one of Amy before our show in Perth at Capitol. It’s such a nice moment, the stillness and quiet from outside in the lane before everything got super busy.

We hired a car and went driving over to Fremantle to have beers at Little Creatures. And we saw these other tourists on the way, standing in this glorious patch of sun.

I had a few day’s layover in Perth, and i’ve been chatting to Olivia (St.South) about collaborating on a song for ages! She lives in Fremantle, by the beach, and we spent two of the best days writing and eating together in her rad little studio.

We’re hoping to release something that we wrote later this year with St.South. Here she is mid session, late at night in her home studio in Fremantle.

Dom, Amy Shark, and Timberwolf hanging out in the Greenroom before one of the shows at Northcote Social. Dom learned how to open a bottle cap with a lighter.

It was always a real pleasure watching Amy play side of stage.

During a stint of 3 days break, we played a festival on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne, called Peninsula Picnic. We played alongside The Cat Empire, Harrison Storm, and Bob Evans. It was a little cold after being in Perth, so Dom and I froze our bums off backstage having a few drinks beforehand.

Chris (centre left) and Brad (left), are the two biggest legends in the whole world. We hung out with Amy and the guys and Shane every night before and after the shows. Here we all are together before the Perth show.

Yeah so what I’m a producer

You know you’ve played a great show when it takes you ages to pack up, because everyone wants to talk front of stage about the show you just played and how to find more…

St. South Vans.

It’s funny how every city is completely different in the way they watch bands. Some cities were loud and super energetic, others more pensive and still and quiet. In Melbourne, some nights we’d play and everyone would sit on the ground, staring up at us in silence with dough eyes. Sometimes they’d stand, doing the same. They were so polite.

Northcote Social Club, Melbourne

Timberworlf is making a podcast and it’s better than his music, which says something.

It’s so sad to see the Newtown Social closing down. It’s such an epic room, full of good people who really listen and watch. It’s funny playing every night with Amy and TImberwolf, similar shows to different groups of people. The nights at Newtown were incredible. Everyone just stopped and watched in silence.

We always try to stay in Bondi when we tour Sydney, cos Bondi Beach Hotel and the North Bondi RSL are incredible for beers. The buildings, too – spot on.

Getting rounds, waiting for the meat raffle at North Bondi RSL

Dom takes this really shit old dorky polaroid camera whenever we go on tour, and it makes her look like a thumb, a great thumb.

Post beers pre show.

Dom thinks she’s really artistic for taking this photo.

When we were playing the Amy Shark shows in Sydney, we stayed at a mates place in Bondi, and it was fucking epic.

Chris aka Timberwolf and Dom on an awkward first date at Newtown Social Club

Amy’s crew are so neat and tidy. All the leads are rolled so neatly on stage, the guitars set up beautifully on stands, everything working. Then Dom and I get up there with our massive bag and untangle whatever leads we can find and stick everything together hoping that it still works.

When you sound check it’s often really hectic, because you don’t have much time, but if you don’t get to play through the set then you sound really shit when you start. At the Melbourne shows we met Dan, the house sound dude at Northcote Social, and he’s the absolute king.

Amy is a fucking legend and we drink our rider, then most of hers, back stage, before and after the show. This is Dom, Chris (Timberwolf) and Amy Shark hanging in the green room before the third Northcote Social Club show.

Sometimes in the transition it’s so weird. You go from place to place after playing a show the night before and it’s hard to know where you are or what you’re doing. We had two shows on our first day in Sydney after playing the night before in Hobart. So you take whatever downtime you can. Here’s Chris hanging while Amy soundchecks for the matinee show at Newtown Social.

When we play live, Dom spends a lot of the show playing and looping all of our electronic samples on our Roland sampler. She thinks she’s really cool now but isn’t.

Pre show at Newtown Social Club.

Dom sleeps like 23 hours a day seriously.

We went to find the Bondi Rescue people but they weren’t in there. Took this photo though.

Buying this with the tour money.

“Seriously nick, don’t, it’s stuck to my face and it hurts to move”

Late nights in Hobart with Timberwolf.

Yves Klien blue. Not sure why, it’s the colour of our band. So my room and photo albums are just full of it.