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Pendulum Return with New Single, ‘Come Alive’

The track follows on from last year’s “Nothing for Free” and “Driver”, which were the first new Pendulum singles in nine years.


More than six months after making a powerful comeback by way of new songs “Nothing for Free” and “Driver”, Australian-born, England-based drum and bass icons Pendulum have unveiled their latest track, “Come Alive”.

A driving rock-infused anthem with slick synth melodies, powerfully heavy guitar riffs, and the classic vocals of frontman Rob Swire, “Come Alive” is trademark Pendulum, but refreshing and progressive enough to showcase the outfit breaking new ground once again.

In addition to the new track, Pendulum have also shared an accompanying music video (which will premiere at 9pm AEST on Friday, April 16th) featuring the group’s headlining performance at London’s SW4 Festival in 2019. Highlighting their brand new Trinity show, it gives fans a taste of what to expect when the live show tours throughout the rest of 2020.

“It’s great to be back again with more new music, and to create a video featuring everything people have missed seemed like the right thing to do,” explains Swire. “We’re really looking forward to playing more shows as Trinity this summer.”

While Pendulum returned with “Nothing for Free” and “Driver” – their first new singles since 2011 – last year, 2020 also brought with it a lack of live gigs. As a result, Pendulum shared a massive livestreamed performance from Spitbank Fort in the middle of the English Channel. With Swire on the decks alongside Gareth McGrillen, and featuring Peredur ap Gwynedd on guitar, the stream was a full live production including lasers, pyro, and the classic Pendulum sound.

Though it currently remains to be seen whether or not these tracks are the first taste of a larger project from Pendulum, Swire explained to Rolling Stone last year that there’s plenty more in the tank, but that the prospect of a full album remains unlikely.

“There’s a collab we’ve done with Hybrid Minds that we’re putting the finishing touches on now; there’s another track to go along with that,” Swire explained in September.

“We’re sort of going to do it in collections of two tracks at a time,” he added. “The reason for that is partly because there’s a lot less pressure than putting an entire album together and putting it out there, and partly because I don’t think people listen to fucking albums anymore.”

Pendulum’s “Come Alive” is out now.