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Hear Pearl Jam’s Fiery New Song ‘Get It Back’

Matt Cameron-penned track originally appeared exclusively on Good Music To Avert The Collapse Of American Democracy, Volume 2 Bandcamp comp

Weeks after Pearl Jam gave their new song “Get It Back” exclusively to a one-day-only Bandcamp fundraising compilation, the band has placed the single on all streaming services.

The Matt Cameron-penned “Get It Back,” Pearl Jam’s first new music since their Gigaton arrived earlier this year, first appeared on Good Music To Avert The Collapse Of American Democracy, Volume 2, a collection that raised funds for Voting Rights Lab.

Along with “Get It Back,” Pearl Jam also announced Sunday that on October 22nd — the 30th anniversary of their first-ever concert together at Seattle’s Off-Ramp — the band will livestream the full-album performance of Ten they played live on April 29th, 2016 in Philadelphia; as Eddie Vedder and Jeff Ament noted in a New York Times interview, the Philly gig was chosen with Pennsylvania, a pivotal swing state, in mind.

“We will sound the alarm, with their well-being in mind, to put it out there that there’s some bad information being spread out there,” Vedder said. “And it’s turning into chaos and deadly violence and dividing us.”

In September, Pearl Jam established PJ Votes, a massive voting initiative that asks their fans to accept the Take-Three Pledge of “Vote by Mail,” “Recruit Three Friends” and “Don’t Wait.”

“It’s about reminding people that their voice matters and their voice can make a big difference,” Ament told Rolling Stone. “Like a lot of things, if you find out that your good friends are doing something, you become more curious about it and more invested in it. What we found with voting is that when people you’re living with or your family or your best friends are voting, then you tend to vote as well.”

From Rolling Stone US