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PARK RD Announce Debut Album ‘The Novel’

Auckland’s rising indie rockers have also shared a new single from the album, titled ‘Call Me Up’


Mikee Tucker

May kicks off New Zealand Music Month with a flurry of local tunes rolling in. First up, PARK RD have announced their debut album, The Novel, dropping on May 24th.

Keeping the energy high, the Auckland band have also introduced their latest single, “Call Me Up”, adding to their lineup of festival-ready anthems released over the past six months. 

“‘Call Me Up’ was the last song from the album. During the album’s recording process, quite often when Leo wasn’t needed, he would be in another room cooking up something on his computer,” says lead vocalist Tom Chamberlain.

“One afternoon Carlos and I came in and Leo was working on the start of this song. I remember dancing around the room and Carlos started singing the chorus melody using the lyrics “Bring it back.” We forgot about the song until months later when I was at home playing some chords on the piano which reminded me of the song.

“I suddenly remembered all the melodies and started singing ‘Call Me Up’ over the chorus melody. The song is about getting ready before a night out, sometimes getting ready is just as fun as the night out for me.”

The accompanying music video brings the song’s theme of a great night out to life, featuring the five-piece band doing their thing onstage (watch below).

“Call Me Up” joins the ranks of previous album singles including guitar-driven indie tracks like “Every Night” and “Secrets”, as well as the more mellow and dreamy “Ride”.

Following their well-received 2022 EP, Stupid Stories, PARK RD’s upcoming debut album marks their next musical chapter. They simply sum it up as “its own little world,” with love as its main theme.

“Once we had all the main instruments, we would add ‘the vibes’ and sprinkle little details like synths or guitar parts that only happen once in the song,” the band explain.

After honing their live performances during a bustling summer tour, PARK RD have a slew of shows lined up for the year ahead, including a return to Australia in May and June to support The Rions on their massive Australian tour alongside Blusher.

PARK RD “Call Me Up” is out now.