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The Weeknd Joins Oneohtrix Point Never on New Song ‘No Nightmares’

Pop star also confirmed as executive producer on Daniel Lopatin’s next record, Magic Oneohtrix Point Never

Oneohtrix Point Never, a.k.a. Daniel Lopatin, has reunited with the Weeknd for a new song, “No Nightmares,” from his upcoming LP, Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, out October 30th via Warp. “No Nightmares” is the final song on the album’s multi-track “Midday Suite,” all of which was also released Monday, October 26th.

“No Nightmares” opens with a thick haze of synths and processed vocal, and swings between an anchored bit of Eighties-inspired pop and a more unmoored experimental vibe. The Weeknd’s feature is fairly simple as he repeats the refrain, “No more nightmares,” but once again his voice feels right at home amid Oneohtrix Point Never’s crafty synth work.

As Pitchfork, points out, the Weeknd served as the executive producer on Magic Oneohtrix Point Never under his real name, Abel Tesfaye. The record also features contributions from Arca, Caroline Polacheck, and more.

Oneohtrix Point Never and the Weeknd have become close collaborators over the past year or so. The former contributed to three tracks on the Weeknd’s most recent album After Hours, “Scared to Live,” “Repeat After Me,” and “Until I Bleed Out.” Oneohtrix Point Never also remixed “Save Your Tears” for the album’s deluxe edition.

Oneohtrix Point Never’s last album, Age Of, was released in 2018. Last year he composed the score for Uncut Gems, in which the Weeknd had a featured role as himself.

From Rolling Stone US