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Oneohtrix Point Never Reunites With Safdie Brothers for ‘Lost But Never Alone’ Video

Daniel Lopatin has crafted the score for the filmmakers’ last two films, Uncut Gems and Good Time

Oneohtrix Point Never has released a new video for “Lost But Never Alone,” directed by Uncut Gems filmmakers Josh and Benny Safdie.

The video offers a surreal channel-surfing experience, with the Safdies ostensibly creating scenes from old movies or TV shows that never existed but carry an uncanny, nostalgic familiarity. The main sequence is centered around an Eighties-style after-school special in which a young punk freaks out his parents after they find his smartphone and destroy the mysterious device with a hammer. The clip ends with the angry young man ripping a scorching guitar solo in his bedroom.

“Nostalgia is both warming and deeply depressing,” Josh Safdie said in a statement. “It’s a love/hate relationship. Emotions themselves are haunting. [“Lost But Never Alone”] is a haunted piece of surfing-a screen-capture of our desire to pull meaning from the past at all times and the triumph of breaking through it with something else.”

Oneohtrix Point Never’s Daniel Lopatin and the Safdies have developed a fruitful relationship over the past few years. Lopatin earned rave reviews for his score for Uncut Gems, while he also composed the music for the Safdies’ breakout film, 2017’s Good Time.

“Lost But Never Alone” appears on Oneohtrix Point Never’s most recent album, Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, which was released in October. The record features contributions from the Weeknd, Arca, and Caroline Polacheck.

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