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Oliver Cronin’s New Single Is a “Healing Anthem” for Tough Times

Cronin was included in our ‘Future of Music’ series this year 

Oliver Cronin

Billy Zammit

Oliver Cronin isn’t afraid to show his vulnerable side on new single, “In the End”.

The soaring ballad might have dark undertones, but Cronin manages to hold some optimism, singing “it all gets better in the end.” 

“Earlier this year I went on a 2-month trip around the world to showcase my music,” he shares. “When I came home I found myself reminiscing on times where I was broken, times I hit rock bottom, times I thought my career was over.

“If I’ve learnt one thing, it’s that no matter how bad it gets – it will always get better in the end. I wanted to write a song that represents the light at the end of the tunnel, a healing anthem if you will.”

“In the End” follows Cronin’s previous 2024 releases, “Burning House” and “Hello Goodbye”, the latter song exploring the ups and downs of a difficult relationship, touching on feelings of desire, temptation, guilt, and confusion.

The rising pop star has also been busy collaborating recently, working with Joel Fletcher on “Her” and the viral EDM crossover hit “1,2,3” with Topic.

This year also saw Cronin feature in our ‘Future of Music’ series.

In conjunction with our global Rolling Stone partners, our editorial team compiled a list of 25 of the most exciting and innovative artists from Australia and Aotearoa, including Cronin, who we felt are destined for the very top.

“Oliver Cronin’s edgy, dark-pop sound, which mixes hip hop and trap elements, has grabbed both industry and fan attention,” we wrote.

“Following viral TikTok remixes and millions of streams, the ambitious Sydney-based artist now has new material slated for 2024. The 2024 Rolling Stone Australia Awards Best New Artist nominee will be aiming to win big at next year’s edition.”

Oliver Cronin’s “In the End” is out now via Warner Music Australia.